I Got Married on a Monday in March!

Adrian Kosky and I decided (spontaneously) to get married on Monday, March 17, 2014…..St. Patrick’s Day will be an anniversary party day for us every year from now on!!

We had fun without a plan.

On Monday afternoon, we went to buy a wedding ring from the local jewellery store here in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi, but the store was closed and not opening again until the 19th of March.  So, I have a Wal-Mart wedding ring!  It was the only one in Wal-Mart’s jewellery department that fit my finger……AND it was very reasonably priced!! 🙂

Our wedding was officiated by our wonderful friend, Randall Andrews, at the Atzimba Mexican Restaurant on State Street in Clarksdale……yes, right at the table, pushing the chips & dip and Diet Coke aside, Adrian and I exchanged our vows and took a selfie for our first wedding photo.  The event was lovely, it was fun, it was definitely relaxed, and it was sincere.

We are happily calling each other “husband and wife.”  We’re a little giggly about it, and we are enjoying all the love and good wishes that we are receiving as messages from friends & family via facebook. 🙂

Here are a few photos that tell the story of our wedding and the first day of our marriage.

Atzimba Mexican Restaurant, Clarksdale, MS

The Surprised and Spontaneous Wedding Hosts at Atzimba Mexican Restaurant, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Randall Andrews,

Randall Andrews signs our marriage certificate

Adrian Kosky holds his marriage license

Adrian admires our fancy marriage license

Wedding Rings Selfie

The Ring Selfie — Showing my Wal-Mart wedding ring

Wedding Photo of Adrian Kosky and Carla Maxwell

Happiness with a marriage license, wedding rings, and true love – photo by Robin Colonas

The Atzimba wedding chimichanga

Chicken chimichanga dinners! The wedding feast!

Money for Rope playing on the Juke Joint Chapel stage at the Shack Up Inn

For our reception/party, we borrowed Money for Rope’s gig. The Australian band happened to be playing at the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale on St. Patrick’s Day. (I don’t think they know they were our wedding band.)

First day of marriage breakfast -- cream filled, devil's food, donuts from Delta Donut

Cream-filled, devil’s food, donuts from Delta Donut –Our first breakfast together as husband and wife–enjoyed at the famous crossroads of highways 49 and 61, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Egg and cheese biscuits at the Crossroads in Clarksdale

Egg & cheese biscuits at the cross roads in Clarksdale — Our second breakfast together as husband and wife — Just after donuts!

It’s Wednesday now, and we are back at work on The Holy Moly project….scrubbing and sealing floors.  It’s our unusual life, as usual, today.

Adrian and I are always thankful for life together. We are both now thankful that we will be “married” wherever we might be and will no longer need to explain the “de facto” relationship we had in Australia.


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