Living in a Renovated Masonic Temple

My husband, Adrian, and I have been renovating, furnishing, arranging/rearranging furniture, and getting ready for the fun to come at the 1st annual Delta Blues Dulcimer Revival. The DBDR will be a related event that we will host in The Holy Moly which is an official nighttime venue, at the 17th annual Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi, April 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2020.

It’s been an ongoing process (over seven years now) to figure out how to live in a Masonic Temple, make it affordable as well as comfortable, and set it up to share with other people. I imagine that most people don’t imagine setting up their dining room and/or living room in a way that allows for workshop-style learning. Notice the long tables behind me in our dining room! We’re anxious to fill those chairs with people who will come to Clarksdale (birthplace of the blues) to learn how to play the blues on a mountain dulcimer.

I know I don’t look like I’ve got the blues in the photo below…..and I don’t…..except for the kind of blues you get when you can’t play dulcimer with a bunch of other people who play dulcimers. I’ll admit to having those blues pretty often. Otherwise, my quirky life in two countries is grand…..quite grand, if I can call it that, living in a Masonic Temple.


Information about registration, workshops, and instructors for the Delta Blues Dulcimer Revival, along with the location and accommodation details, can be found at Click here for the press release.


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