Table Hill is in The Local – Hepburn Shire’s Community Magazine

Yay! Look, Mom! I’m in “The Local -Hepburn Shire’s own community publication” and here are a couple of photos to prove it!



I’m happy to be included in this lovely local magazine…..especially to be shown on the “GIGS” page!!  It is a cartoon likeness….probably my best presentation….which happens to be a cartoon band “selfie” that I drew last year.

This is the text under the photo:

“Music in the raw, crafted from real life, infused with sounds from Memphis, to the Mississippi Delta, to the hills of Central Victoria.  Table Hill consists of a mountain dulcimer playing gal from Memphis – Carla Maxwell, a local singer songwriter steeped in folk and blues – Adrian Kosky, and a saw playing, harmonica wielding local poet who brings triangle playing to a whole new level – Phil McNamara.  Together they weave and spin a gumbo of fiddle tunes, original songs and timeless traditions, bound together with a sense of lively fun.  Table Hill occasionally has friends joining them in the musical mayhem, like Tony Soccio on the mandolin and Ken Parfrey on the slide guitar.  They play where they are invited, and sometimes when they’re not…”


Table Hill will be playing in Lyonville at the Radio Springs Hotel, Thursday, the 20th of February, 2014, not the 21st.  Details, details… least I’M ON THE GIGS PAGE!!   🙂


Apartment & Retail Shop for Rent in Clarksdale, Mississippi

HolyMolySign_8379Last year, I purchased an old masonic temple building in the downtown historic blues precinct of Clarksdale, Mississippi. This year, my partner and I are creating four living/retail spaces on the first floor of the building, along with a soda fountain type restaurant space. The living/retail spaces seem ideal for music teachers and artists.

I have posted the following announcement on The Holy Moly’s facebook page and want to share it here, as well:

One of the new apartment/retail shops will be ready soon! The right person will come along to be our neighbor, we are sure of that!

CornerThe apartment is located at 216 Third Street, Clarksdale, Mississippi, and is on the first floor in the northwest corner of The Holy Moly masonic temple building — right down the street from the world-famous Rock & Blues Museum, Delta Blues Museum, Bluesberry CAFE, Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Arts, Hambone Art Gallery, Red’s, and Ground Zero Blues Club! The Holy Moly just might be the best location in the world for you!!!!


This charming, industrial-like, apartment will be leased with all new appliances (refrigerator, stove, washer & dryer, two gas heaters, and two window air conditioners). It is unfurnished and includes a large shop-front area suitable for retail or gallery space. Free wi-fi is available. The right tenant will also enjoy being next-door-neighbors with the cute & cuddly couple, Adrian & Carla.


We are accepting applications during the next few weeks and hoping to have a tenant by the 10th of December, 2013. For more information, please email questions to me: carla @ and visit our website at